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Syncretics and Esoteric Etymology connecting hidden meanings

Syncretics and Esoteric Etymology connecting hidden meanings
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    Syncretics is a term I use as a formula for learning, with the term syncretism as the act of applying this formula. Syncretism means the “reconciliation of differing beliefs” from Greek synkretismos union of communitie...
    Syncretics is a term I use as a formula for learning, with the term
    syncretism as the act of applying this formula. Syncretism means the
    “reconciliation of differing beliefs” from Greek synkretismos
    union of communities, from synkretizein to combine against a common
    enemy,” (that “enemy,” being IGNORE-ANCE and separation from
    our common origins) from syn- together as in “to SYNC TOGETHER.”
    From my perspective, it is about searching through ALL sources of
    information, despite differing beliefs and opinions, and sifting
    through it, in order to find the most valuable nuggets of truth, and
    to find the common root similarities, so that we may see how all the
    pieces fit together to provide a much larger and unrestricted view
    of reality, in order to better understand ourselves in relation to
    one another, without declining into argument and dispute over
    seemingly opposing perspectives and points of view, or
    POINTS-OF-YOU. It’s about turning over EVERY stone, the good, the
    bad, and the ugly, to see what lies beneath, regard-less of our own
    PERSONAL judge-ment (judging the mind/ ment Latin, meaning MIND) of
    what it is that we may find.As I always say, “If you fear
    something.... STUDY IT!! The more you learn about it, the more
    understanding you gain. Suddenly, you know about it, and although
    you may still dislike it, you no longer fear it, because you realize
    its not the thing itself that is ominous, but rather, only your
    limited understanding of it.” All Information is inherently
    Neutral. It is only when passed through the mind of it’s observer,
    that it gets imprinted with polarity (good vs bad, light vs dark, +
    vs -), based on the preconceived notions accumulated by one’s own
    background experiences and picked up from our social
    env-iron-ment.When start to see how all things connect in some way
    or another, then we start to see a pattern emerge, that illuminates
    the similarities which connect all fields of study and learning,
    from science, art, language, number, music, astrology, geometry,
    theology, mythology, and just about every other area of Learning and
    communication. For me, this journey is all about getting to the
    heART of the subject matter, to where we can finally see that
    everything has a valid right to exist, so long as we’re not
    imposing on another’s ability to choose freely, and that includes
    the suppression of information as well. Now that we’ve dis-cussed
    my views on Syncretics, lets explain etymology. In order to
    introduce you to the under-standing of the mechanics of word
    etymology, we are going to show you the very etymology of the word
    “etymology.” ;) The very word “etymology” comes from much
    more ancient roots, spanning throughout his-story and many different
    cultures and languages, as is the case for all words and forms of
    language and communication. ETYMOLOGY comes fromethimolegia FACTS
    et(h)imologie (14c., Modern French étymologie), from Latin
    etymologia, from Greek etymologia, properly STUDY OF THE TRUE SENSE
    (OF A WORD), from the root words of etymon TRUE SENSE (neuter of
    etymos TRUE, REAL, ACTUAL, related to eteos true) + logia STUDY OF,
    A SPEAKING OF (see - logy).So etymology is a compound word, which
    comes from the root words of Logia, meaning “the study of” and
    etym, meaning “the true sense.” So in other words, we’re
    talking about getting to the true essence of what concepts mean by
    studying the very WORDS used to describe these concepts. Now
    let’s dive into what the word esoteric means and how we can apply
    it in order to gain wisdom and understanding. Esoteric comes from
    Greek esoterikos BELONGING TO AN INNER CIRCLE, from esotero more
    within, comparative adverb of ESO WITHIN, related to eis INTO, EN IN
    (see en-). In English, originally of Pythagorean doctrines.
    According to Lucian, the division of teachings into EXOTERIC and
    ESOTERIC, originated with Aristotle. So the Esoteric understanding
    is the Inner house of TRUE wisdom, while the Exoteric is the outer
    shell of false facades, fake masks, lies and bullshit fed to the
    masses who are EX-cluded or EX-communicated, or EXiled from the
    TRUTH of the inner wisdom of the wise-dome of the inner temple,
    because they are to busy beating around the bush from being fed
    bullshit by the mainstream institutions. So the ESO prefix is the
    same as the EN prefix, meaning WITHIN, as in ENdo-thermic or
    ENdocrine, as in “the truth lies WITHIN you,” as opposed to the
    HEX (Saturn) of the EX, which is the outer, as in EXo-thermic, or
    EXo-skeleton, or the false bullshit of the savior figure that lies
    outside of you, up in the clouds somewhere. So this is exactly why
    Holly-Wood and politics will always shows you the character of the
    two faced liar, the false facade of the fake mask, which is the very
    calling card of the Jester, the Joker, the Jack, the FOOL, the
    BULLSHITTER, the politician!!
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