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KEPLER-186F Planet For ALIEN 2014 - Documentary

KEPLER-186F Planet For ALIEN 2014 - Documentary
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    KEPLER-186F Planet For ALIEN 2014 - Documentary If Alien exist where do they live and how do they live?Scientists say a world thats 490 light-years away qualifies as the first confirmed Earth-sized exoplanet that could su...
    KEPLER-186F Planet For ALIEN 2014 - Documentary
    If Alien exist
    where do they live and how do they live?Scientists say a world thats
    490 light-years away qualifies as the first confirmed Earth-sized
    exoplanet that could sustain life as we know it — but in an
    environment like nothing weve ever seen.http//www.advexon.comThe
    planet, known as Kepler-186f, is more of an Earth cousin than an
    Earth twin, Elisa Quintana, an astronomer at the SETI Institute at
    NASA Ames Research Center, told the journal Science. Quintana is the
    lead author of a report on the planet published by Science this
    week.This discovery does confirm that Earth-sized planets do exist
    in the habitable zones of other stars, Quintana said during a
    Thursday news briefing at NASA Headquarters.Kepler-186f goes around
    an M-type dwarf star thats smaller and cooler than our sun. But it
    orbits much closer to its parent star than Earth does, within what
    would be Mercurys orbit in our own solar system. Those two factors
    combine to produce an environment that could allow for liquid water
    on the surface, assuming that the planet had a heat-trapping
    atmosphere.The star, to our eyes, would look slightly orange-y,
    about a third again as big as our sun but only a third as bright,
    said co-author Thomas Barclay, a staff scientist for NASAs Kepler
    mission who is also affiliated with NASA and the Bay Area
    Environmental Research Institute. At midday, Kepler-186fs landscape
    might look similar to what we see on Earth an hour before sunset, he
    told NBC News.Or it might not If the planet lacked an atmosphere to
    retain and redistribute its suns warmth, it would be a cold, dry,
    lifeless world.Kepler-186f probably rates as the most potentially
    Earthlike planet discovered so far, said Jim Kasting, a geoscientist
    at Penn State University who did not play a role in the Science
    study. But he told NBC News that its still less likely to be
    habitable than planets around more sunlike stars. Even better
    prospects for alien habitability might well be identified in the
    months and years to come.How the world was foundKepler-186f is just
    the latest discovery to be pulled out of terabytes worth of data
    collected by the Kepler mission. Before it went on the fritz last
    year, the Kepler space telescope stared at more than 150,000 stars
    in a patch of sky, looking for the telltale dimming of starlight as
    planets passed over the stars disks. Nearly 1,000 exoplanets have
    been confirmed using Kepler data, and almost 3,000 more candidates
    are still awaiting confirmation.It takes years of observation to
    confirm the pattern of dimming and brightening thats associated with
    alien planets, particularly if the planets are small and far from
    their parent stars. In February, astronomers reported that at least
    four worlds circled the dwarf star known as Kepler-186 or KOI-571.
    In this weeks Science paper, Quintana and her colleagues confirm the
    existence of Kepler-186f as the fifth and outermost world.They
    report that Kepler-186f is about 10 percent wider than Earth,
    tracing a 130-day orbit around its sun at a mean distance of 0.35
    astronomical units. (An astronomical unit is the distance between
    Earth and our sun, which is 93 million miles or 150 million
    kilometers.) That would put Kepler-186f on the cooler, outer side of
    the stars habitable zone — the range of orbital distances where
    liquid water could exist on a planets surface.Astronomers have
    confirmed the existence of other planets in their stars habitable
    zone, but those prospects are super-Earth-size. Smaller
    habitable-zone candidates also have been found, but they have yet to
    be confirmed as planets.Barclay said Kepler-186f was particularly
    promising because its less than 1.5 times the size of Earth. Planets
    in that size range are more likely to be rocky with a thinner
    atmosphere, like Earth, Mars and Venus. But worlds exceeding that
    size stand a better chance of retaining a thick atmosphere of
    hydrogen and helium, like the giant planet Neptune.While those
    planets also could be rocky, they dont remind us of home, Barclay
    said.Could we actually detect signs of life on Kepler-186f? Thats a
    tough one. The astronomers behind the discovery acknowledge that the
    planet might be just too far away for follow-up studies. The SETI
    Institute has been searching for radio signals from the Kepler-186
    system over a wide frequency range (1 to 10 GHz), but so far nothing
    has been detected.Kasting, the author of How to Find a Habitable
    Planet, said worlds around M-class dwarf stars faced several
    disadvantages in the habitability department. For one thing, such
    planets generally end up being tidally locked to their stars —
    meaning that one side of the planet is always facing its parent sun
    while the other is always turned away.
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